Travel information to Mbale

The Abuyadaya

Travel information to Mbale

September 10, 2014 Uncategorized 0

The Abuyadaya community is spread out over several villages, most of which are near the city of Mbale, founded by Kakangulu. In Mbale there are several Western style hotels. The one we have frequented is the Mt Elgon Hotel (see eg ) .

There are several ways to get to Mbale.

–          The closest major international airport is Uganda’s main gateway, the Entebbe Entebbe International Airport (EBB), – the newer version of the airport where the famous Operation Thunderbolt took place. There are regular flights from many parts of the word to Entebbe. From there one can rent a car and drive to Mbale, a distance of about 260 kilometers that in perfect conditions will take just under 4 hours and in usual conditions can be 6-7 hours. The drive goes through Mabira forest.

–          An alternative that we have also used is to fly from a Nairobi, Kenya to Eldoret on the western side of Kenya using the low cost airline Fly540 ( ) and then drive to Mbale, which is only 190 kilometers away and can take under 3 hours. In this scenario the fun and unknown is that one has to drive across the Kenya-Uganda border.

–          A third option, which we have not yet tried, is to fly internally in Uganda to Tororo Airport – Tororo, Uganda (TRY / HUTO) and that is only 47 km from Mbale.  If someone does that please let us know how it works.